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Romagnola Cattle Breeders Society Documents

Romagnola Cattle Breeders Society Documents


Application for Membership - Romagnola Society SA:
•  Application Form

•  Donor List

•  Import List

•  Schedule O
•  Schedule O - Explanatory notes

•  Logix Application Form

The purpose of the Logix user interface is to provide the various users with a structured, user-friendly and seamless interface with the relevant databases and to address their specific information and data exchange needs through functional routines and screens, bound together by an appropriate system of menus.

Semen Donor Application:
•  Application for Approval of a Bull for Collection of Semen
•  Aansoek om Goedkeuring van 'n Dier vir Opvang van Semen

DNA Analysis documents:
•  Request form for Cattle Testing
•  Animal List Form
•  Bees Vad Afri

DNA Analysis forms:
•  Bestelvorm - Neem Van Monsters
•  Order Form - Hair Sampling

Unistel Information
Cattle Testing Information
Unistel Medical Laboratories / Geneeskundige Laboratoriums
ISAG Certification of Participation: 2015-2016 International Bovice STR Typing Comparison Test
Dawnwing Brochure

Clinomics Forms
Clinomics Price List 2019
Clinomics Sample Submission Form (.xlsx)

Animal Improvement Documents
DAFF Tariffs 2018-2019
Animal Improvement Act (1998)
Animal Improvement Regulations (2003)


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