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Breed Characteristics of the Romagnola Cattle Breed

Breed Characteristics of the Romagnola Cattle Breed

The Romagnola is a robust animal showing marked evidence of thickness and muscularity throughout. The topline and hindquarters are the areas where the beef producing ability of the breed is most obvious. The body shows good length with a rounded, well sprung rib cage and trim underline. The ivory colored coat has black skin underneath, and all extremities are black pigmented. This coloration is a survival factor in hot climates as is the ability to grow a dense winter coat in extremely cold regions.

Early maturity is a characteristic of the breed. This precociousness is important both for early sexual maturity in breeding stock and for meeting market requirements at an early age. Another fundamental characteristic of the breed is its ease of calving because calves are born with a small head and long body. The calves are born with a wheaten coat which later changes to white. They are vigorous and up and nursing quickly after birth. Cows have a strong maternal instinct and have ample milking ability.

The Romagnola temperament is docile but alert, making it an easy breed to handle. From its past history as a draft animal, the Romagnola has developed the ability to move well on strong legs with flexible joints and sturdy feet. Its hardiness and ability to forage and thrive an poor pasture has proven to be a valuable trait for the breed in the widely varied range of pastures which is available to the South African beef herd. South African breeders will verify the ability of Romagnolas to survive under difficult grazing conditions without reducing their ability to grow and raise a calf.


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