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The Carcass of the Romagnola Cattle Breed explained

The Carcass of the Romagnola Cattle Breed explained

One of the Romagnola breed's assets is the exceptional nutritional and visual quality of its beef and the quality of Romagnola beef is universally recognized. The meat has a superior taste with a light rosy-red color, fine texture and excellent marbling. The lower Cholesterol levels have been confirmed scientifically. Since 1982 in Italy the Quality of Romagnola meat has been guaranteed by a consortium of Breeders and Butchers who control the production cycle from beginning to end. In this way, the superior quality beef is offered to consumers in specially controlled butcher shops and markets where demand continues to be greater than supply.

Because of the early maturity of the breed, an animal at the age of 20-22 months has an especially high live weight, close to that of a mature animal. This provides the the ability to finish out at any age from vealer to long weaner. Rapid growth rate combined with a dressing percentage of 62-64% provides the ideal carcass of tender lean meat that today's consumers demand.

The Romagnola offers muscling through genetics and not through the use of hormones and growth stimulants. This saves the farmer input costs and allows him to produce high quality, tender and tasty beef.


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